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GIZ has been operating in India for 60 years. Currently 250 staff members, including 25 seconded personnel and 10 integrated experts are handling sustainable development measures worth about 25 million euros per annum.

India belongs to the G20. It is a ‘new’ donor and a nuclear power. Yet it is still home to more poor people than the entire African continent. Almost one in five of the world’s poor is Indian. Too few people benefit from the country’s rapid economic growth. Its environment is suffering and greenhouse gas emissions continue to spiral upwards. The government and the administration would like to remedy this state of affairs and are seeking support and advice from GIZ. We aim to live up to this confidence and trust.

GIZ is working in areas in which demand in India’s emerging economy is high and in which Germany is particularly strong.

Environment: Individual cities, federal states and the central government are implementing ambitious programmes with GIZ to remedy the disastrous environmental conditions in settlements and industrial zones. These include the introduction of economic incentives at national level to adopt activities that conserve natural resources. In rural areas, rural development policy is to be adapted to bring it into line with the threats posed by climate change.

Energy: Our advisory services aim to improve energy efficiency in coal-fired power stations and in the use of electricity. One factor is the introduction of efficient refrigeration systems. We are, of course, also promoting the use of renewables. Pilot projects introduce German technologies, while new institutions like associations and specialised authorities are establishing an enabling environment for the use of these technologies.

Private sector: GIZ is promoting small and medium enterprises, improving responsible business management and reforming financial systems to make them accessible to poor population groups. The Indian Government is introducing an across-the-board social welfare system in partnership with GIZ. One major component is health insurance for all Indians. We are advising individual federal states in the field of vocational training based on the German model.

Our clients are the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB), and increasingly also Indian public sector clients and Indian industry.

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