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We support leaders, be they with formal authority or informal change agents, to become more effective and to initiative and steer change processes aiming at sustainable development.
Meaningful reflection allows them to become aware of their mind-set and values, role and competencies in leadership situations. Appreciative comparison and intensive dialogues with other actors about their challenges enable a change of perspectives and a systemic understanding of the scope of action. The values- and dialogue-based approach brings about a focus on our individual responsibility for the common good.

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  • Leading in Cooperation
  • Leading for Innovation
  • Facilitating Transformation
  • Leveraging Diversity
  • Strategic Leadership
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    Climate Leadership Plus - Leading for global Responsibility

    In specially designed "Leadership Journeys" formal leaders as well as change agents from business civil society and public Administration strengthen their leadership competencies and Expertise regarding the challenges of global climate Change and other sustainability issues. Innovative Solutions are developed in concrete practical Projects and implemented in their own working context.
    Climate Leadership Plus is a global Programme focussing on South Africa, Indonesia, India and Germany. Partnering institutions, participants, alumni form a network in leadership for global responsibility. Together they refine the cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary Leadership Development approach of AIZ and implement it in their own Leadership Development offers in their own countries.
    Our international network for exchange on topics like global challenges, leadership development, transformational scenarios und social innovation worldwide is the LeadershipLAB.

    Leadership LAB

    Global Leadership Academy

    The immense challenges we face as a global community require a fundamental shift in our thinking. In today’s environment, the key to effective solutions lies in outstanding innovatory and leadership skills. Decision-makers around the world must be ready to jettison conventional ways of thinking and create space for new ways of doing things.

    The Global Leadership Academy's interdisciplinary and practice-oriented offerings are aimed at improving the innovative capacity and leadership skills of decision-makers from the fields of policy-making, business, higher education and research, and civil society, who come together to look at global issues from a completely different angle. Gaining fresh perspectives allows them to implement the necessary change processes in their spheres of influence.

    This global project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), is a central component in GIZ’s range of services for international human capacity development. The networks it builds among the individual participants and the participating organisations broaden their options for contributing effectively and sustainably to change.
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    Innovative Action: The InnovationLAB

    Transformation: Prototypen Entwicklung

    Brigitta Villaronga
    Brigitta Villaronga
    „I am motivated by the energy of people all around the world who take responsibility for their future. They inspire me with their joy for life and passion to make a difference together!“