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Morocco: Human Rights and Training

In 2016 Morocco’s National Human Rights Council (Conseil national des droits de l'Homme, CNDH) founded the National Human Rights Training Institute (Institut national de formation aux droits de l'Homme, INFDH). The institute aims to make human rights training across the country more uniform and more sustainable. Younès Ajarrai has been the director of the institute since it was created. He explains how the Academy helped in developing a clear strategy. 

Mr Ajarrai, what do you and your team want to achieve with the new National Human Rights Training Institute?

Until now, training in this area in Morocco has been neither uniform nor sustainably managed. There was no common strategy or vision. We wanted to change that. We therefore established a national institute that acts as an ‘agent du changement’ or a ‘driver’ of change, bundling a variety of offers in the field of human rights, and at the same time meeting the expectations and needs of the numerous stakeholders. These stakeholders include civil society, national institutions, employees and members of the CNDH. Of course we also pay attention to the international level, especially Africa and the Arab world. 

How has the Academy supported you? 

GIZ provides valuable technical support for strengthening national human rights institutions in Morocco, building them up to perform this completely new area of skills development for the CNDH. The Academy for International Cooperation (AIZ) shared its experience and expertise with us, to help us develop a tailor-made strategy.

Together with the AIZ we have structured our vision and formulated our objectives clearly. I think that during the trips to the Academy in Bonn, and later at our institute in Rabat, we began seeing what had been started in a new light, taking a critical approach to our worries and formulating expectations. 

When I think about it, this study trip to Germany had a big effect on us. Our group was hugely motivated and we departed for Morocco as a team with a clear vision. We were so delighted that we definitely wanted to carry on working with the Academy team in Rabat. Fortunately GIZ made this possible. 


Do many people benefit from the training you offer?

Yes. More than 3,600 people attended our institute last year. We organised almost 80 training units, and there were also seminars, workshops and study days. These training courses covered more than 30 topics, which we adapted to the various target groups in each case.
Looking back, would you want to work with the Academy again?

Definitely. I would sign up right away!

The project, Strengthening National Human Rights Institutions in Morocco, is being implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).