Higher Education in Ethiopia: Setting Course for the Future

Ethiopia is developing capacity in its higher education sector. With a view to raising educational levels, the Ethiopian Government has founded 34 new universities over the last 15 years. The aim is to boost the Ethiopian economy. Universities now need highly qualified teaching and managerial staff to manage university activities. AIZ is contributing its expertise in the area of strategic human capacity development.

1. Background

GIZ and AIZ are supporting the reform process in Ethiopian university education on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. This calls for competent, motivated staff at universities and in state authorities in order to establish a properly functioning, high-quality university landscape in the long term. Much importance is therefore attached to developing the capacities of various groups of people. AIZ provides this capacity development.

2. The role of AIZ

AIZ has already held four further training sequences on the topic of Leadership und Management in Higher Education, aimed at teaching and specialist staff at various hierarchical levels in the Ethiopian university system. Each of the four sequences included a preparatory workshop in Ethiopia, a two-week seminar combined with professional peer-to-peer exchange at universities in Germany and the Netherlands, transfer support though coaching, and a follow-up workshop in Ethiopia.

3. Results

80 university presidents and vice-presidents, deans, research directors and representatives of university bodies for quality management convened in AIZ workshops to develop more in-depth expertise in leadership und management. One participant from Addis Ababa University summed up the experience: ‘I’ve learned how to deal with other people as a manager, and have learned about various styles of management. What’s more, I now have a clear idea of what quality assurance means.’