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Displacement, Climate, Economy: Global Issues

Highly trained individuals are key catalysts of sustainable development. But this calls for lifelong learning and the ongoing development of specialist skills.

The Academy for International Cooperation (AIZ) provides training courses in many key areas of international cooperation that teach specialist skills from the field of sustainable development. These include sustainable economic development and employment promotion, displacement and migration, climate change mitigation and adaptation, renewable energies, the green economy and biodiversity, rural development and good governance. 

Why not reserve a place on one of our courses covering these and many other specialist topics? lternatively, we will be happy to work with you to design a solution specially tailored to meet your specific requirements. 

Do you require a more comprehensive solution to develop specialist skills in your team or partner organisation?

The Academy provides support with:

  • developing and implementing further training strategies for your projects
  • discovering which approaches allow you to learn most effectively
  • choosing the most suitable learning formats
  • developing curricula with innovative methodological diversity
  • implementing training-of-trainer activities 
  • designing study trips
  • integrating virtual learning into skills development
  • providing teaching and technical training to local further training providers 
  • mobilising network and dialogue partners for professional development in Germany and around the world