Personal Safety, Stress and Trauma

»This is the first time I have attended a security course and what I have learned is that security starts with yourself. Awareness is the key. Being aware of your surroundings helps detecting the unusual, the out of the ordinary, and following the „six golden rules“ can save you in a dangerous situation.«

Karen Mbomozomo

© GIZ / Michael von Haugwitz

Personal Safety, Stress and Trauma

Violence, conflicts, and fragility are increasing worldwide. More than half of the German development cooperation partner countries are affected and therefore assignments abroad are often linked with higher risks, psychological burdens, and stress. You may need to work together with traumatised people during your stay in your partner country or have to provide first aid in cases of emergency. With our course portfolio in the thematic area »Personal Safety, Stress, Trauma« you will strengthen your safety awareness for your work and social environment in your partner country, learn how to conduct emergency medical first aid, and sharpen your awareness of dealing with mental pressure, stress, and trauma.

The new safety courses "Macht bewusst. Grenzüberschreitung und sexualisierte Gewalt:
Erkennen Verstehen Handeln
“ und "Viren, Bakterien, Parasiten gut geschützt im
" have so far been offered exclusively in German. All other safety courses
are offered in both German and English.