Development Policy

»Although I already have experience in international cooperation, the course gave me a good update, content-wise, on current trends and important topics. Particularly useful was the personal exchange within the group. This complements the knowledge conveyed by way of valuable practical experiences.«

Noemi Hendrich

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Development Policy

Nowadays, the Internet offers more and more opportunities for global networking. Figures and facts on development policy can be accessed globally. But complexity is also growing and does not reveal itself intuitively. Starting from the internationally agreed goals of sustainable development, we have a good look at German contributions as well as looking at other actors such as the European Union, multinational actors, regional networks, and national partners.

We have extensive material available for you in terms of self-study and support you in gaining information. You will learn to understand your own contribution in the context of international targets and the expectations of partner countries as well as various civil society, state, and multilateral actors.