Accompanying partners and family

»The contents of the course had many exciting aspects, but the best thing was the great exchange culture within the whole group. The feeling that one is not alone in the situation and that the trainers addressed personal fears or concerns is a great help.«

Sebastian Feldmann

© GIZ / Michael von Haugwitz

Accompanying partners and family

Over half of the assignments abroad are terminated prematurely because the accompanying partner (MAP) was not actively included in the deployment process. The dissatisfaction is attributed to the fact that he or she was not able to cope with the intercultural challenges or was not able to pursue occupational work in the mission country.

The compatibility of assignments abroad and partnership and/or family is an important issue for us. This is why we seek to prepare you as an accompanying person as best as possible for your stay abroad. We support you in reflecting your role, defining your own goals, and developing a realistic view of the future. In addition, you can participate in all departure preparation courses, with the exception of the courses in the thematic area »Management and Consulting« as well as the specialist language training and the communication workshops.

Flyer: Going abroad with your partner or family