Karnataka German multi skills development centres (KGMSDC)

Project description

Title: Karnataka German multi skills development centres (KGMSDC)
Commissioned by: Government of Karnataka
Financier: Government of Karnataka
Country: India
Lead executing agency: Government of Karnataka
Overall term: 2011 to 2015


The state of Karnataka is a pioneer of Indian industrialisation, having established industry-friendly policies and created a business climate and infrastructure that are conducive to the success industries. The state government has drawn up an action plan for empowering people through improved skills and training. It wants to provide employment opportunities to a million people within the next five years. In this context, it is working with GIZ IS to upgrade and modernise vocational training centres as a secondary education option to improve people’s employment prospects and raise their lifelong income prospects.


The multi-skills development centres in Karnataka are world class training institutions that offer specialised skills training programmes to meet the needs of private industry in Karnataka and beyond. The centres produce skilled workers of a high standard, operate flexibly and are financially self-sustaining.


The Karnataka German multi-skills development centres (MSDCs) in Bangalore and Gulbarga are being developed into training institutions of an international standard, which offer an array of long and short term courses in areas of advanced technology. GIZ IS will support each centre for four years, which includes the provision of expert support. The centres aim to improve their students’ long-term employability and livelihoods, thus laying the foundations for their full participation in community life and enabling them to contribute to the country’s economic prosperity.

To achieve this, the project will pursue the following measures and targets:

  • Develop fully adapted occupational profiles, core curricula and training programmes for the MSDCs.
  • Introduce productive training centres in order to promote entrepreneurship skills and improve the relevance of courses.
  • Introduce certification to internationally recognised and industry-relevant standards, so that qualified students meet the needs of the market and of individual employers.
  • Establish an instructor training hub to develop the competences of trainers in the region’s industrial technical institutes.
  • Act as regional Centres of Excellence, showcasing advanced technology for other vocational training centres to draw on to improve the training of their own students.
  • Achieve a capacity of 2,000 trainees per year in Bangalore and 3,000 per year in Gulbarga.
  • Achieve financial self-sufficiency after four years.

By attending these centres, students will gain comprehensive skills and general self-confidence, enabling them to perform competently in their chosen areas of work. The training content will include authentic, real-life tasks. The performance-oriented training covers theoretical learning as well as practical logistics at all stages of each course. During the learning process, students will increasingly assume responsibility for their own learning and self-organisation.

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The owner of the centres is the Department of Employment & Training of the Government of Karnataka. The Department will establish appropriate governance structures for their operational autonomy.