Eschborn Dialogue 2013

Opening Eschborn dialogue

Raw materials and resources: growth, values, competition

According to forecasts by the United Nations, worldwide consumption of raw materials is set to increase threefold to 140 billion tonnes per year by 2050. The reason for this is the projected rise in global population and economic growth. As a mineral-poor country, Germany faces long-term dependence on a secure supply of metals, minerals and energy feedstocks. The energy revolution and new technologies will also fuel demand for scarce raw materials. Germany is currently supplied by over 160 countries. These include many developing countries, where raw materials are often extracted under poor conditions and only a small proportion of the population benefits from their sale. In the raw materials sector there is enormous potential for more sustainable development. But rising demand for raw materials also creates major challenges for the producing countries.

These challenges were the focus of a discussion involving 400 international experts from the areas of politics, the private sector, science and academia, and civil society on 18 and 19 June. The conference gave speakers from all over the world a platform to present their ideas and debate with guests. The speakers included Sheila Khama, the former CEO of De Beers Botswana, Mattia Pellegrini from the European Commission and Jonas Moberg from the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). Representatives from several international companies, including ArcelorMittal, Aurubis AG and RWE AG, also contributed to the discussions.

The event focused on a number of key questions. How can the potential of the raw materials sector be utilised to advance inclusive development? What are the limits of national and international policies on raw materials and resources? What role do companies play in the extractive sector? And how can competition for mineral resources, soil and water be organised in a way that is both climate-friendly and fair?


Panellists and speakers

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Panellists and speakers for the ‘Opening session’ and ‘The way ahead’


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