Compliance means acting in accordance with legislation, rules, guidelines and codes of conduct.

Responsible behaviour and compliance with the regulatory framework underpins GIZ’s work and its credibility and is the basis on which our commissioning parties, partners and employees place their trust in us. Our compliance management system ensures that we act in accordance with our guiding principles and that we demonstrate integrity in managing the funds entrusted to us.

GIZ is all about values – specifically, the principles upheld in our society, including compliance with contracts and statute, equal rights, loyalty, cooperation in partnership, and a prohibition on sexual harassment. Integrity in all we do is the bedrock of our day-to-day work. That is why all GIZ employees are bound by our Code of Conduct and are required to involve one of the company’s integrity advisors if this has been breached.

External partners, commissioning parties and members of the public can also use our reporting system if they have a justified suspicion that rules are being breached. Such contacts may be made anonymously. GIZ’s integrity advisors and its External Ombudsman act impartially and independently.

GIZ’s Compliance and Integrity Unit reports directly to the Management Board and is the organisational home of our compliance management system. The Unit ensures appropriate and effective compliance across the company. It promotes a corporate culture geared to compliance and takes measures to prevent or resolve breaches of our rules. Compliance officers are at your disposal to support you in this matter (For contact, see right hand column). In all cases, we seek to identify and put in place further improvements to the system.

GIZ’s priority is to use its financial resources properly. To prevent corruption in the procurement of goods and services and to ensure transparency, we use input systems that can be monitored centrally, ensuring that processes are strictly adhered to and any irregularities investigated rigorously. GIZ has strict rules for the award of contracts and, as a company entrusted with public money, our accounting systems are based on transparency and accountability and ensure that our financial resources are used properly, economically and effectively. The accounting systems are subject to regular audit by a number of different bodies, and our internal audit complies with the rules of the German Institute of Internal Auditing (DIIR).