Equal opportunities plan adopted

GIZ’s new equal opportunities plan revolves around five new objectives and measures to reduce inequalities and make it easier to combine family and professional commitments.

By the end of 2018, about 40 per cent of all managerial posts and expert posts outside Germany are to be held by women. At administrative officer level, too, gender balance is to be achieved. For the first time this will mean targeting men, since women currently hold more than half of all jobs at this level.

GIZ is on the right path when it comes to equal opportunities. Over the last few years, the percentage of managerial posts held by women has risen steadily, and in 2014 stood at over 36 per cent. Half of the departmental directors general and corporate unit directors are already women. The gender parity on the Management Board, where two of the four Managing Directors are female, was a strong signal. On GIZ’s Supervisory Board, too, women account for 45 per cent of members, which is well above the average of 24 per cent recorded by other federally owned enterprises.