Company pension scheme based on sustainability criteria

Like many other companies, GIZ is faced with the challenge of providing an appropriate, but financially sustainable pension scheme for staff. At the same time, we want to ensure that our guiding principle of sustainability and our voluntary commitments are reflected in our investments. This is why a range of environmental, ethical and social aspects are taken into account in investment decisions.

Besides our own property, we have invested mainly in selected government bonds and covered bonds as well as bonds from companies that adhere to environmental, social and good corporate governance standards.

In future, we plan to take a ‘best-in-class’ approach to managing our pension fund by only buying into companies that are the frontrunners in their sector when it comes to meeting environmental and social criteria. There is also a long list of exclusion criteria. This means, for example, that we will not invest in companies that violate employment or human rights, are involved in corruption or do not comply with minimum environmental standards. This is another way in which GIZ is making a contribution to sustainable development.