Photographers’ Workshop 2012

Six well-known photographers from Kosovo, Angola, Ethiopia and Germany recently spent a week in Addis Ababa getting to grips with the theme of ‘Future-makers’. It was quite a challenge: in a few short days, they had to capture this abstract concept in celluloid and create an exhibition summarising the key thematic and artistic issues raised. The result was a collection of photographs that illustrate all aspects of this multi-faceted, complex topic.

Since the first workshop in 2008, GIZ has been combating the typical image of the photographer as a solitary artist. This year showed once again how inspiring and enriching it can be for photographers to work in a group, as they so rarely do.

Last year’s workshop was held in Germany, so this time round it was Ethiopia’s turn to provide the source of inspiration. Addis Ababa proved an enthralling environment for the group to put together an exhibition that eschews clichés and has the power to provoke thought and debate around the world.

Photos from the Photographers’ Workshop 2012

Mann vor einem Stadtplanungsmodell.

‘Vision’. Photo by Jetmir Idrizi, Kosovo.

Kinder holen Wasser.

‘Water’. Photo by Andy Spyra, Germany.

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‚Movement‘. Photo by Mulugeta Gebrekidan, Ethiopia.

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‚Construction‘. Photo by Jetmir Idrizi, Kosovo.

Catalogue to the exhibition