Information for applicants

Every year, GIZ’s Development Service seconds some 300 new experts with very different professional backgrounds to take up a wide spectrum of challenges in our partner countries. We are looking for skilled and committed individuals from Germany and other EU member states.

Development workers are generally seconded for a period of between two and four years. To become a development worker you must:

  • Have completed vocational training or a university degree
  • Have the appropriate qualifications for the assignment in hand
  • Have a minimum of two years of relevant professional experience
  • Have a good command of the language spoken in the country of assignment.

Development workers are offered an extensive and attractive financial package with benefits. The assignment begins with intensive preparations in Germany and in the partner country, which last several weeks. Some development workers may be accompanied by their families. After their assignment in the partner country, development workers receive help to reintegrate into society and working life in Europe

Development service Website (in German)