Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our young talent programmes and the application process.

All programmes

I am a non-German student. Can I still apply?
Yes, of course. Our training programmes are open to citizens of any country.

Should I send an additional application by post?
No. We receive a large number of applications and therefore only accept those submitted using our online procedure.

Is there any more information on the vacancy? Can I contact the relevant division?
If you have questions about the technical side of the job advertised, please get in touch with the contact person named.

Where can I upload my aplication?
In the online application form under ‘Documents’ you can upload a covering letter and your CV (if possible as PDF files).

Internships in Germany and abroad

Do you offer internships that last less than three months?
In general GIZ prefers to offer longer internships. In individual cases, if you have discussed it with us in advance, it is possible to undertake a shorter internship.

When should I send my application?
Four to six months before you are available.

Can I contact a GIZ project abroad directly?
The application procedure is run centrally by the team responsible for fostering young talent. You can however contact offices/projects directly and ask if they need an intern. Please note that our colleagues in partner countries may not respond immediately.

What degree courses does GIZ prefer?
We do not reject any degree. What’s more important are the development issues you have dealt with to date, regardless of whether you have studied them from an economic, political, legal or any other perspective.

Development Cooperation Trainee Programme

When is it worthwhile submitting an application?
If you meet at least half of the criteria listed for a vacancy, whether through theoretical training or practical experience. You do not need to have extensive professional experience – internships also count.

My degree is not in the subject specified in the job advertisement. Is there any point in applying?
Definitely, provided you meet at least half of the criteria listed for the vacancy.

Can I submit a speculative application for the Development Cooperation Trainee Programme?
Unfortunately not. We only accept applications submitted using our online system during the application window. You must apply for a specific vacancy.

I have not graduated yet. Can I still apply for the Development Cooperation Trainee Programme?
Yes, provided you will have completed your degree course by the end of September of the following year.

Where should I enter my civilian service and part-time jobs in the application form (where there is a link to development)?
In the section headed ‘Experienced professionals’.

Who should I address my covering letter to?
Start your letter with ‘Dear Sir or Madam’.