Internships in Germany and abroad

An internship will give you an insight into the diversity of GIZ’s work. We offer internships in departments across the company, both in Germany and abroad.


What does an internship in Germany offer?


As an intern at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in Germany, you will be given specific tasks to carry out on your own under the guidance of your mentor. This will give you an insight into the work GIZ does and allow you to complement your theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience of the working world. Internships normally last between three and six months. In individual cases we may agree to a shorter assignment. Our internships are open to matriculated students and applicants who have graduated within the previous six-month period.


What does an internship abroad offer?


Our internship programme offers students and graduates the opportunity to work abroad in a GIZ office, project or programme for three to six months. Graduates may only apply within six months of completing their degree. You will be assigned to one of our offices, projects or programmes. Why not take this opportunity to work in an intercultural environment and deepen your understanding of sector-specific and regional issues?


The aim of the programme is to learn about development cooperation in general and GIZ’s work in its partner countries in particular. In terms of content matter, the foreign internship programme takes its lead from the themes covered by development cooperation.


Please note that it is unlikely that we will be able to offer you a full-time post at GIZ after your internship.



Frequently Asked Questions about internships

Where are current internships advertised?
You can also look for internship vacancies on our ‘Job offers’ page. Select ‘Internship’ under ‘Type of function’ and then choose ‘Show jobs’.

How and when can I apply?
You can only apply for an internship online. We do not accept unsolicited applications.
Internships in Germany and abroad are advertised throughout the year. You can view current vacancies here
Keep an eye out for a position that matches your profile! 

For your chosen vacancy, select the red button ‘Jetzt online bewerben/Apply now’ to access the application form. Please use this form to submit your application. To fill it in, you will first have to register. If you are applying for an internship, you only need to fill in the ‘Other skills ’ section under ‘Qualifications’. You cannot access any other sections as they are not relevant for internships.

Please give yourself sufficient time to enter all the data required. A short, informative cover letter is also important.
Please note that, due to strong demand, we are unable to award an internship to all applicants.

What will happen to my application?
The information you enter in your application form will automatically be transferred to a database that can only be accessed from within GIZ. If you submit an application form, you consent to your data being stored electronically.

Must I be enrolled as a student in order to apply?
Yes. Our internships are only open to matriculated students and applicants who have graduated within the previous six months.

How long do internships run?
Internships usually run for up to six months both in Germany and abroad.
Shorter terms are possible and are indicated in the advertisement. Alternatively, we may be able to agree to a shorter assignment in individual cases, if requested in your application. 

Do I need to have statutory health insurance?
In Germany: You must have statutory health insurance if your internship is not a compulsory part of your course. Other types of insurance are not permitted. Please note that, if your internship is mandatory, GIZ does not pay any social insurance contributions and you can choose any type of insurance you wish.

Abroad: This is decided on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our Human Resources Department for advice.

Can I write my dissertation at GIZ?
As a general rule of thumb, this is possible on an internship for example. In your application, please state clearly that the objective of the internship is to write a dissertation. This will enable the Graduate Research Committee  to take your project into account in the selection process.

Can I do a part-time internship?
Some internships are advertised as part-time positions. This is clearly indicated in the vacancy description.