GIZ – an award-winning employer

GIZ is fair, family-friendly and a popular employer among young professionals. Here are some of the awards we have received.


2017: GIZ once again ranked among Germany’s top 100 employers

Which company would you most like to work for? trendence, the market research institute, conducts a survey known as the Graduate Barometer every year between September and February. 14,000 business students from 96 German universities were interviewed for 2017’s study. A large number of the students who participated in the Berlin-based research institute’s survey chose GIZ, helping the company to secure 49th place in this year’s German Business Edition.


Young Professional Barometer 2016

With around 10,000 participants who had between one and 10 years’ professional experience, the trendence Young Professional Barometer 2016 was the largest German survey of its kind. Between May and August 2016, young professionals answered a range of career-related questions. The survey focused on employer preferences, satisfaction with current employers, respondents' willingness to change companies and the qualities of attractive employers. This year GIZ was ranked 24th.

Graduate Barometer Law Edition 2016

How do law graduates want to be approached by potential employers? What role do ethical issues play when they choose their future employer? What does ‘professional success’ mean for them? These were some of the many questions trendence asked in its annual Graduate Barometer survey among law graduates in 2016. This year, more than 2,000 law students as well as trainee lawyers and judges were interviewed about their preferences and expectations regarding their future employers. In the Law Edition 2016, young legal professionals ranked GIZ in 17th place as their employer of choice.

GIZ makes students’ top 10

In a survey led by online recruitment site in cooperation with university magazine audimax, 1,074 students answered questions about their employer of choice. The result: social factors such as flexible working hours (78 per cent), childcare support (69 per cent) and commitment to ensuring a healthy working environment (68 per cent) matter most to young professionals. Of the 361companies from widely ranging sectors that were named as desirable employers, GIZ occupied fourth place.


Top 100

In the Universum Student Survey 2017 that was conducted between October 2016 and March 2017, GIZ was ranked one of the top 100 most attractive employers. The survey asked a total of 40,625 students from 206 German universities and other higher education institutions about their long-term career goals, how they perceived different employers, and how appealing they found the prospect of working for them. GIZ was placed 47th in the Natural Sciences category, 60th in Health and Medicine, and secured 66th place in the Legal category.

A family-friendly company.

Family-friendly GIZ

GIZ was awarded an ‘audit berufundfamilie®’ certificate in 2006 and re-certified in December 2016. By participating in the audit berufundfamilie®, our activities have been assessed and evaluated by an independent, external organisation. The certificate documents our policy’s success in improving the work-life balance.


A fair company

GIZ has been recognised as a ‘fair company’ by the initiative and Handelsblatt. This award is given to companies that embrace ethical business practices and give graduates a fair chance.

We are fully committed to the five rules that set fair companies apart:

  1. We do not replace full-time positions with internships.
  2. University graduates who have applied for a full-time job are not offered internships instead.
  3. We do not try to attract interns with vague promises that this will lead to full-time employment.
  4. We offer internships primarily to help young people decide where their future career lies while studying.
  5. We provide adequate remuneration for interns.