What our staff say

A job at GIZ combines challenging tasks, satisfying work, varied projects, interesting countries and exciting activities.

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Personal stories about working in international cooperation

What’s it like to work for GIZ abroad? How did you find getting started in the job and what can I expect when I get there? We put these questions to staff from a variety of fields who have been with GIZ for many years. They talk about the situations they encountered and the people they met abroad, and explain how they managed to achieve objectives together and what is special about international cooperation work. See for yourselves what our colleagues have to say about their GIZ jobs abroad.

Senegal: Varied communication

Mbissine Diouf works for GIZ in Senegal. She holds a degree in German studies and communications, and her responsibilities include managing the country office’s PR activities. The Senegalese national is proud to work for a German employer, and pleased that her work is helping show Senegal’s young people they have prospects in their home country.

Mexican-German Climate Change Alliance

Andreas Villar and his family have emigrated to Mexico, where he manages the Mexican-German Climate Change Alliance. Together with a team of Mexicans and Germans, he is supporting international climate change mitigation. Doing something worthwhile motivates him – as does the thought of leaving behind a positive, better world for his children.

Kosovo: Legal reform of justice and administration structures

Karin Pluberg works for GIZ as a legal expert in Kosovo. She is helping reform the local legal system, as better legal and public administration structures form the foundations of a stable state. She finds it exciting to work towards a common goal with many people from different cultures.

Myanmar: Improving vocational education and training

Konrad De Bortoli is helping reform Myanmar’s vocational education system. The objective is to give young people a good education, enabling them to find employment and earn decent wages. The project manager particularly enjoys working with the local partner to refine German know-how and develop a tailor-made solution.