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Focus on ‘Financial systems’ (Issue 3/2012)

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For many people the financial and economic crisis has severely shaken confidence in the honesty and integrity of the financial sector. The key role played by the financial sector in developing the economy, society and the state has been overshadowed by the contorted image of unscrupulous dealings and speculation on the part of investment banks. And yet savings banks continue to provide urgently needed loans to consumers, provide start-up finance for new companies and operate current accounts for millions of people. Their specially developed financial products and funding instruments can even help leverage ecological and climate goals. The IN FOCUS article on ‘change agents’ reveals how stable and properly regulated financial markets support change, growth and progress. GIZ provides advisory services worldwide to governments and the private sector on shaping policy and legal frameworks for a responsible financial sector.


As part of Angela Merkel’s Dialogue on Germany’s Future, GIZ recently conducted a study on ‘Germany in the Eyes of the World’. One of 18 key experts appointed to lead the dialogue is Dr Christoph Beier, Vice-Chair of the GIZ Management Board. For the study, GIZ surveyed 120 key figures in 21 countries about the way Germany is perceived throughout the world. This issue of akzente presents the findings and takes a closer look at two particularly interesting interviews.

Finally, we are delighted to be able to introduce the new Chair of the GIZ Management Board, Tanja Gönner, who took over from Dr Bernd Eisenblätter in July 2012.

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