Global gathering of innovation hubs at re:publica

06.05.2013 - 08.05.2013 | Berlin

In conjunction with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and AfriLabs, re:publica 2013 invites innovation hubs from Africa, Asia and Latin America to come together to discuss the promotion of new technologies, innovation, and cutting-edge community-building measures. The exchange will take place on May 6th to 8th at the STATION in Berlin; an open forum: a space-for-thought designed to generate new ideas on revolutionizing international cooperation. Amongst the participants will be one of the most influential bloggers in Africa, Erik Hersman, founder of Ushahidi and iHub.

Innovation hubs play a very important role in Africa’s fluctuating tech environment. From Cairo to Addis Ababa to Dar es Salaam, "Islands of Innovation" are mushrooming across Africa at an astounding rate. These flourishing tech centers are becoming hotbeds of local innovation, breeching the boundaries of the once fledgling entrepreneurial scene. The hubs serve as incubators for the local tech community to exchange knowledge and encourage collaboration. They act as physical nexus points: bringing together investors, academia, various tech companies, and the wider private sector to facilitate brain-storming and idea-generation. Asia and South America are seeing similar developments: joint work rooms, fablabs, and hackerspaces are sustaining the expansion of the tech industry within local communities.

A typical example of the hubs’ vast creative potential is particularly evident in Jakarta, Indonesia, the birthplace of alternative prosthetic-limb design. This particular hub developed an affordable and well-functioning alternative to traditional, oftentimes expensive, titanium prosthetics. The constructional design is so that installation is easily facilitated, meeting a variety of physical needs. At the ICE Cairo in Egypt, the hub is currently developing a solar thermal system.

For the first time, the Global Innovation Lounge at the re: publica 2013 will facilitate a global exchange between hub managers. The Lounge will feature Jay Fajardo, founder of Launchgarage, and Daniela Silva of the Brazilian Hackerbus, among others. Fajardo is slated to present "Silicon Paddy - The South East Asian Tech Startup Scene", while Daniela Silva will discuss "Hacker culture on the road: how to go from the computers and hackerspaces to the streets."


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