GIZ in the USA

GIZ now present in Charlotte, North Carolina

On 25 June GIZ opened an office in the USA, located in the city of Charlotte in North Carolina. Initially, the office has been registered for the states of North and South Carolina – a requirement for GIZ to be able to take part in tenders, accept orders and implement projects in the regions. Its services will initially concentrate on vocational training. GIZ aims to offer its long-standing experience in this field together with American partners, like the Community Colleges, that wish to align their training courses more closely with private sector needs. GIZ is able to draw on its wealth of experience with the dual system that Germany has been operating for many years.

In the USA, vocational training is gradually becoming a more important priority. Politics and business today sense a discrepancy between the skills workers bring to the table and companies’ requirements, referring to it as the ‘skills gap’. Furthermore, demographic and other factors will lead to an even greater shortage of skilled labour in the foreseeable future. This will also impact some two hundred or more German companies that have set up shop in and around Charlotte.

Charlotte and its surrounding areas are the pioneers of vocational training in the USA. The region has a tightly woven network of training facilities and labour market players that have committed to improving vocational training. The German Embassy is also engaged in this sector and has already launched a ‘skills initiative’ in order to share Germany’s positive experience in dual vocational training with its partners in the USA.