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‘We’re talking millions’

Climate-induced displacement is a neglected issue, says international lawyer Walter Kälin. As a member of the Nansen Initiative, he is campaigning for protection of climate refugees.


Examples of GIZ’s work: economic development for 60,000 enterprises

28.04.2015 – Modern economies need dynamic and innovative enterprises in order to develop and hold their own against international competitors.

Combating exploitation and starvation wages: offering education over child labour

20.05.2015 – There are 150 million child labourers in the world, often working under exploitative conditions. While working hard for a starvation wage, they often do not attend school or receive a proper education.

Bonn Conference: New international conference series for sustainable action kicks off in May

06.02.2015 – The Bonn Conference focuses on the United Nations sustainable development goals and bridges the gap between theory and practice, policy-making and implementation.

An example of GIZ’s work: Ten million people are now saving energy when cooking

13.07.2015 – A wood fire in a simple stone hearth – for many people in developing countries, this is where they do all their cooking. GIZ is supporting the distribution of energy-saving stoves.

Harnessing global experience: GIZ supports Capacity WORKS management model

14.01.2015 - GIZ achieves especially good results in international cooperation using its Capacity WORKS management model. Now this successful method is available to everyone in a book.

Study on future of energy systems presented at global climate change conference

11.12.2015 What does the global energy supply look like in future? The Delphi Energy Future study ventures a look ahead to 2040.

Support for victims of textile factory collapse – improving industry standards

24.04.2015 – The collapse of the Rana Plaza textile factory two years ago turned the spotlight on social and economic conditions in Bangladesh's garment industry.

GIZ employee freed

17.10.2015 – The German employee of GIZ who was kidnapped in Afghanistan nine weeks ago on 17 August 2015 has been released. She is in good health considering the circumstances.

Electric power - driving development in Kundus, Afghanistan

18.11.2015 – Today some 200,000 Afghans can rely on a stable power supply

Best connections

08.01.2015 - Experts in German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHK) are linking international cooperation with international business promotion, creating a win-win situation that benefits both partner countries and businesses in Germany alike.

Making police work in the Palestinian territories more citizen-friendly and professional

06.08.2015 – As part of the process to build peace and security, GIZ is supporting the police in the Palestinian territories in forming closer ties with civil society.

German expertise promoting vocational training in Afghanistan

22.01.2015 - GIZ is supporting vocational training in Afghanistan to promote the nation’s economic development. And it is working: over 46,000 young Afghans have already completed accredited courses, setting them up for a brighter future.

Great Lakes Region: working together to curb the illegal exploitation of, and trade in, natural resources

22.06.2015 – With support from Germany and the EU, the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) in Central Africa is tackling illegal resource exploitation and trade.

Integrated planning for sustainable urban development

16.07.2015 – The urban population in Asia is growing rapidly. Most people already live in cities. GIZ is promoting an interrelated approach to energy, water and food in medium-sized cities.

Justice in Afghanistan: on track to legal certainty

11.03.2015 – Decades of conflict in Afghanistan have taken their toll, leaving behind a fragile justice system. GIZ is supporting the Afghan Government’s efforts to establish a functioning rule of law.

Risk insurance against climate-related crop failures

10.12.2015 – Extreme weather events have increased significantly as a result of climate change. Droughts and floods threaten crop yields in many countries. GIZ is working with partner countries to make climate risk insurance available to affected farmers to protect them against losses.

We did it! GIZ’s operations in Germany are now climate-neutral

21.01.2015 - Climate protection is a core element of our work. For GIZ, keeping track of our own carbon footprint is therefore a matter of course.

Assistance for more than a million small farmers

08.09.2015 – On behalf of the German Government, GIZ is improving the living conditions of small farmers and their families in Africa and Asia. The aim is to improve harvests and prevent hunger.

Examples of GIZ's work: Support for six million refugees

12.02.2015 – Conflicts and natural disasters force people around the world to flee their homes. Since 2005 GIZ has supported more than six million refugees, in Afghanistan and around the world.

Examples of GIZ’s work: Clean water for more than 105 million people

20.03.2015 – Access to clean water and sanitation is a human right, but it is still not a reality for all. GIZ is working around the world to ensure comprehensive access to these services. In Kenya, for instance.

Mali in focus

20.11.2015 – Mali is one of the world’s poorest countries and is suffering from the impacts of a serious political crisis. GIZ is working on behalf of BMZ to create long-term prospects for the population. GIZ staff members are not affected by the attack on a hotel in Bamako.

A fitting new building for Bonn

26.06.2015 – Today, GIZ in Bonn is inaugurating its new office complex at Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 36. With its focus on sustainability, it is fully aligned with the federal enterprise’s mandate.

Munich Security Conference: Kofi Annan speaks on security in Africa

10.02.2015 – The world’s most pressing security issues were on the agenda this Weekend.

More legal security in Afghanistan

22.07.2015 – After decades of armed conflicts, Afghanistan adopted a new constitution. GIZ is supporting the country in putting existing legislation into practice.

Working under difficult conditions

18.08.2015 – South Sudan, Guatemala, Liberia, Afghanistan

Improving the road network in Somalia promotes further development

20.07.2015 – On behalf of the EU and BMZ, GIZ is helping repair main roads in Somalia and is supporting the transport authorities with planning and maintenance.

A new neighbour for the Meander Building: GIZ continuing to invest in its offices in Bonn

18.12.2015 – GIZ moved into the ‘Meander Building’ located at Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 36 in June 2015 and is already planning to construct a new 30,000 m2 six-storey office complex next door with capacity for some 850 staff members.

Improved opportunities for young people in Veneto

09.07.2015 – GIZ is supporting the northern Italian region of Veneto with reforms to promote youth employment. The European Union is also involved.

For more sustainable consumption

24.06.2015 – The German Government’s 2015 lighthouse project for the National Sustainable Development Strategy is a project that helps people navigate through the labels jungle.

Project data now easily accessible

24.02.2015 – GIZ publishes extensive information on its projects, thereby contributing to realising international transparency standards.

And the winner is ... sustainability: GIZ is a Corporate Responsibility Champion

21.12.2015 – In the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s 2015 Corporate Responsibility Index, GIZ is not only named as a Champion but also receives special recognition for its Corporate Sustainability Handprint®.

German Development Minister Müller is briefed on key projects at GIZ in Berlin

18.06.2015 – German Development Minister Müller highlights GIZ’s competence for international cooperation for sustainable development.

World Climate Conference: Towards a better climate

27.11.2015 - Floods, droughts, storms and heatwaves – natural disasters are occurring with greater regularity and having a more devastating impact than ever before. That’s one reason why GIZ is increasingly working on behalf of the German Government in the field of climate change mitigation. Vera Scholz explains how successful its efforts have been.

Training young professionals in the Palestinian territories in line with job-market demands

27.07.2015 – GIZ is assisting the Palestinian territories to strengthen the economy by providing demand-oriented training for skilled workers and helping them find jobs.

„Wir kümmern uns um jeden Mitarbeiter“

16.10.2015 – In Afghanistan setzen sich 180 internationale und 1600 afghanische Mitarbeiter für die Entwicklung des Landes ein. Ohne die engagierten nationalen Kolleginnen und Kollegen vor Ort wären die bereits erreichten Entwicklungserfolge nicht denkbar.

Health – one of the core areas covered by the recently adopted sustainability goals

30.09.2015 – Human health is a key factor for the development of a society.

‘It’s about offering people new prospects’

26.10.2015 - Around 60 million people worldwide are fleeing their homes. In this interview, Arno Tomowski, GIZ, speaks about the causes and possible responses.

Global Soil Week: fertile soil in Ethiopia

17.04.2015 – The international action week from 19-23 April stresses the importance of soil for sustainable development. GIZ works worldwide to protect it – in Ethiopia, too.

Together we are stronger – joint financing to fight climate change

05.10.2015 – Brazil, Norway and Germany are stepping up their cooperation in implementing the Amazon Fund, which will help preserve tropical forests as a key carbon sink.

Disaster risk management in Africa: the challenges of climate change

16.11.2015 – In Mozambique, flooding poses an increasing threat. Klaus Töpfer joins Lorenz Petersen (GIZ) and German newspaper Tagesspiegel for a discussion on how people can be protected from the consequences of climate change.

Second time around: a new study from GIZ again explores what the rest of the world thinks of Germany

15.09.2015 – Germany is filling larger shoes than it did three years ago. A new study from GIZ suggests that the country is coming under increasing scrutiny from the rest of the world.

New prospects for refugees

10.09.2015 – When refugees in the Middle East and elsewhere are no longer simply fighting for survival and to meet their basic material needs, they can start taking control of their own lives again.

Examples of GIZ’s work: Effective climate change adaptation in Viet Nam

05.06.2015 – The Mekong Delta in Viet Nam feeds approximately 145 million people in Asia, but the region is increasingly threatened by climate change. GIZ is therefore supporting local authorities to adapt the coastal region to the changing conditions.

The ‘queen of spices’ makes life better for vanilla farmers in Madagascar

22.12.2015 – Almost 80 per cent of the natural vanilla sold worldwide comes from Madagascar. GIZ is creating better prospects for vanilla farmers and supporting them in improving their living conditions.

Cashew-Bauern in Westafrika stärken: faire Preise, bessere Qualität und zusätzliche Arbeitsplätze

25.05.2015 – Cashew-Bauern in Afrika verzeichnen ein geringes Einkommen und eine schwache Verhandlungsposition. Die African Cashew initiative verbessert die Situation der Kleinbauern nachhaltig.

Continuing the fight against Ebola

28.01.2015 - Food, medicine and education – GIZ support for West Africa continues.

Haiti five years after the earthquake

12.01.2015 - GIZ expert Berthold Bös reports

Albania: Practical assistance for agriculture and efficient administration

27.05.2015 – A pilot project is promoting agricultural and administrative reforms in Albania with the aim of increasing competitiveness and promoting EU integration.

On UN World Tourism Day: Tajikistan is still an insider's destination

25.09.2015 – Tourism is driving job creation and generating income in this mountainous state rich in cultural and natural treasures.

On World Soil Day: Small farmers and communities plan green future

04.12.2015 – Parts of the Ethiopian highlands have been transformed from drought regions into oases. This example shows how clever planning of joint land use boosts yields and secures food supplies for the long term.

Examples of GIZ’s work: improving the climate by protecting forests

06.07.2015 – Human activities are leading to the destruction of more and more forests – with terrible consequences for the climate and the environment. GIZ therefore supports forest protection initiatives around the world, for example in Brazil.

Helping people find work in Egypt

03.08.2015 – In Egypt, job seekers and job vacancies frequently bypass each other. This is where the National Employment Pact (NEP) comes in. GIZ is supporting its efforts to put people in work.

Palestinian refugees in Jordan

29.01.2015 - Jordan – Switzerland of the Middle East or refugee camp of the region? GIZ expert Gudrun Kramer talks to rbb-Inforadio about the situation of Palestinian refugees in the country.

One World Strategy NRW: ‘Development policy is not a one-way street.’

30.07.2015 – The North Rhine-Westphalia Government and GIZ are proud of their long-standing successful cooperation.

Employers in Germany: GIZ becoming more and more popular

12.11.2015 – Young professionals from all sectors state that they would like to work at GIZ.

Refugee situation: Rapid and flexible assistance along the Balkan route

10.11.2015 – Mobile teams are in operation. GIZ is also assisting municipalities along the transit route that are finding their capacities stretched.

Putting projects to the test: Report sets out the results of GIZ's work

16.10.2015 – Every two years, GIZ evaluates the effectiveness of its work based on standard international criteria. The results speak for themselves.

World Water Week: saving water thanks to vocational training

24.08.2015 – Jordan is training new plumbers in order to reduce water loss from damaged pipes in private households.

Strong growth in demand for GIZ’s services

30.06.2015 – Today, GIZ will unveil its Integrated Company Report for 2014 in Berlin. Its business volume has broken the two billion euro barrier – an increase of EUR 100 million compared with 2013.

Emigrate or stay? GIZ advises job seekers in Kosovo

01.09.2015 - An information centre run by the German Government in Pristina provides advice on options for work, training and study in Germany and Kosovo

Examples of GIZ’s work: Energy for sustainable development

27.08.2015 – Energy drives development, whether as electricity for cooling, by powering machines or as fuel for transporting goods or people.

Bonn Conference for Global Transformation: between theory, politics and practice

18.05.2015 – Inaugural Bonn Conference for Global Transformation a complete success: 700 delegates from 70 countries all agreed that we need to work together for our sustainable activities to succeed.

Transatlantic professional exchange for social workers

12.03.2015 – Every year, ten temporary internships at institutions in the US are offered to social workers. Participating in the exchange, which GIZ has been organising since 2013, provides them with insights into new ways of working.

GIZ at work: Sri Lanka’s long road to peace and reconciliation

13.10.2015 – How can economic development contribute to strengthening Sri Lanka’s fledgling peace? An interview with Randa Kourieh-Ranarivelo on rbb-Inforadio

GIZ signs the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles

04.03.2015 – UN Women, the United Nations entity devoted to gender equality and women’s empowerment, advocates a stronger position for women in business. GIZ has undertaken to comply with its principles.

Improving the livelihoods of cashew farmers in Ghana through fair prices, better quality and more jobs

01.06.2015 – The African Cashew initiative improves product quality and optimises supply chains. Both of these issues also play an important role during the European Development Days.

New issue of GIZ’s ‘akzente’ magazine out now

17.06.2015 – ‘akzente’ looks at transparency in institutions and the workplace from various perspectives and shows where openness reaches its limits.

The latest issue of GIZ’s ‘akzente’ magazine is now available

27.02.2015 - Generation of hope: there are over 1.8 billion young people worldwide. The latest issue of ‘akzente’ magazine takes a look at some of the young people who are searching for opportunities and recognition.

In Côte d’Ivoire, small arms control improves chances for peaceful development

26.03.2015 – The socio-political crisis in Côte d'Ivoire has seriously threatened the security situation. GIZ is supporting the national commission for the control of small arms and light weapons in order to curtail the spread of illegal weapons.

The world’s first solar powered cricket stadium is in India

11.08.2015 – With the conversion of the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, southern India now has a ‘green’ stadium for the country’s national sport.

New issue of GIZ's magazine 'akzente' now available

23.11.2015 – Refugees and migration are dominating social debates within Europe. And this is also the focus of the new issue of akzente.

GIZ is supporting the German relief effort in Nepal

30.04.2015 – After the devastating earthquake on 25 April, more and more relief supplies and experts are arriving in Nepal. Deploying these resources swiftly and in a coordinated manner is now crucial.

Chile adopts German-style online petitions

02.06.2015 – The gap between rich and poor in Latin America is widening. GIZ is working on behalf of the European Union for greater fairness and equality of opportunity.

Abducted GIZ staff member free again

29.05.2015 – The German GIZ staff member abducted in Afghanistan six weeks ago has been released.

Our clothing – a fair deal?

23.11.2015 - Bangladesh sews the world’s clothes – and what citizens, governments and the private sector can do to help seamstresses earn a decent living from their work was the topic of the ‘Development Forum’.

The latest issue of the GIZ magazine ‘akzente’ is out now

14.09.2015 – Ahead of the upcoming United Nations summit, ‘akzente’ highlights the major challenges in relation to mitigating climate change

Interview: „Wir sprechen von Millionen“

16.11.2015 – Klimabedingte Flucht ist ein weit unterschätztes Phänomen, sagt der Völkerrechtler Walter Kälin. Als Mitglied der Nansen-Initiative setzt er sich für den Schutz der Betroffenen ein.

Examples of GIZ’s work: Health insurance for over a hundred million people

16.03.2015 – The Indonesian Government intends to offer state health insurance cover to all its citizens – whether rich or poor.

Examples of GIZ’s work: India reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 163 million tonnes

05.06.2015 – As India’s economy grows, so does awareness for protecting the environment. The Indian Government is striving for ecologically sound development.

Sustainable Development Goals on the agenda of the United Nations summit in New York

24.09.2015 – One of the biggest challenges is ensuring that everyone has access to enough nutritious food all year round.

Travel with a positive impact: fair tourism at ITB Berlin

05.03.2015 – Responsible consumption is the trend in the travel sector, too. At ITB Berlin, the world’s leading travel trade show, Fair Trade Tourism is presenting fair travel packages to Madagascar.

Citrus growers in Ghana improve their yields

02.04.2015 – Ghana’s Government promotes local citrus sector through training. GIZ has supported this process since 2012 under a special cooperation Arrangement.

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