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Everything was better in the good old days. Who hasn’t heard this said once or twice, or looked back with fondness at the past? But why? Perhaps because, back then, we were young and the world was full of exciting opportunities. While the transition to adulthood shatters some dreams, it creates many others. There are more young people now than ever before – over 1.8 billion worldwide. They all want to participate, and should have the chance to do so. They need the freedom to shape their own lives. However, in many regions, this record-breaking generation is fighting the crushing feeling of not being needed, of having no hope of contributing to society and the economy.

Our author Uta Rasche visited young people from Spain and Afghanistan. In the cover story, we discover how Muzhda Homa Bari plans to help her country and why Héctor Piedrafita moved from Villanúa to Otzberg. Despite facing tough conditions, both of them are trying to build a future for themselves. Dhieu Williams is also looking for recognition and prospects. His commentary examines what it means to come of age in crisis-hit South Sudan.

In this issue, the reports from abroad will whet your appetite with their focus on cream cakes, organic tomatoes and vanilla. In cooperation with private companies, we are strengthening vanilla farmers in Madagascar. The report from Mexico shows how climate change mitigation can work on a small scale. We also talked to farmers in India who are now growing organic bananas, peppers and tomatoes.

And we have another savoury treat for you – the launch of an akzente app for tablet computers. In addition, akzente has a fresh new look and some editorial innovations. So now you can experience all of this in both printed and digital form.

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