The latest issue of GIZ’s ‘akzente’ magazine is now available

27.02.2015 - Generation of hope: there are over 1.8 billion young people worldwide. The latest issue of ‘akzente’ magazine takes a look at some of the young people who are searching for opportunities and recognition.

In many regions around the world, young people are struggling with the demoralising sense of not being needed and of not having any opportunities in the business community or society. Yet despite the difficult conditions they are facing, there is a generation of hope in the making. In this issue of akzente, young people from Spain, Afghanistan and South Sudan relate their experiences as they make lives of their own in today’s world.

Along with this feature topic, our reports from abroad cover a range of mouth-watering topics, from vanilla farmers in Madagascar and sugary cream cakes in Mexico to organic vegetables from India.

And we also have another little appetiser for you: akzente is now available as an app for tablet PCs. You can now read our stories digitally by downloading the app for free from your store (Google Play Store, Apple Store or Windows Store).