Improving living conditions around the world – examples from the work of GIZ

23.06.2016 – Commissioned by the German Government, GIZ has been working to promote sustainable development through its projects over the last decade, and to good effect.

Improving living conditions worldwide: The film shows some results GIZ has achieved over a 10 years period.

The projects that GIZ has implemented in the areas of education, health care, poverty reduction, water, and energy supply are benefiting local people, often bringing significant improvements to their living conditions. In the last ten years alone, our projects have helped to provide electricity to some three million people and a reliable drinking water supply to over 10 million individuals globally – a key requirement for providing people all over the world with health care.

The health sector itself plays a major role in GIZ’s work. For 25 years now, we have been advising our partners on developing and adapting their health care systems and fighting disease. In an endeavour to extend health insurance to poor population groups, we are working with our partners to devise regionally adapted health insurance and microinsurance policies.

We are also helping to ensure that a sufficient number of medical professionals, health centres and out-patient services are available to provide treatment to local people.

GIZ’s work in the field of sexual and reproductive health is focused on HIV prevention, more specifically the roll out of comprehensive prevention programmes to curb the number of new cases of infection. Between 2012 and 2013 alone, some 1.5 million people were educated about HIV prevention. We are also assisting our partners to improve treatment and care and to remove the stigma around and end discrimination against individuals with HIV.