‘Work – more than just a job’: The new issue of akzente is available now

14 September 2016 – Digitalisation, poverty, social security – The new issue of GIZ’s customer magazine akzente focuses on the topic of ‘work’.

How can work pave a way out of poverty? Where will good job opportunities be found in the countries of the Global South? What kind of changes is digitalisation leading to? These are the questions addressed on the focus topic of ‘work’ in the current issue of the magazine akzente, which is published by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. The answers to these questions make it clear that an employment relationship with a contract and insurance is the exception around the world. Two thirds of people in some Asian and sub-Saharan countries are in informal employment – with no security of any kind. The journalist Dirk Böttcher describes how clever labour market policies can help bring improvements here. The thematic area also includes an interview with the American best-selling author Martin Ford, who describes which tasks in the future are likely to be performed by computers. Ela Bhatt, an Indian women’s rights activist and trade union founder, explains how important the work performed by women is for developing countries.

In addition, the magazine illustrates the broad range of GIZ’s work: The authors and photographers describe how meaningful and productive work provides people with dignity and their families with economic prospects – for example in a plumber training workshop in a refugee camp in Jordan, in a mangrove nursery in Costa Rica, and on a cocoa farm on the Côte d’Ivoire.

All reports and texts in the magazine can also be read on the website https://akzente.giz.de/ and on the corresponding app for tablets. Both digital platforms also offer short videos on the projects. The contents and design of the website are the same high standard as the printed magazine. The magazine, website and app were presented with the 2016 Fox Award Gold on 5 September. akzente also won Fox Award Silver for design. Since 2011, the Fox Awards have been honouring efficient marketing and communication solutions – both print and digital.