Health – getting better

18.11.2016 – The latest issue of the GIZ customer magazine akzente focuses on the priority topic of health.

Life expectancy for people living in Botswana today is more than ten years longer than it was in 2000. Rwanda has also experienced a similarly remarkable development. Both countries have invested in their respective healthcare systems, established health insurance schemes and fought against AIDS. These measures have not only benefited individuals, they have made the countries more robust in general.

Following the outbreak in 2014 of the largest Ebola epidemic ever seen, entire regions of West Africa were destabilised. This showed that health is not just about the individual – it is more than just the absence of disease. Just as with peace, good governance, respect for human rights, conservation of natural resources and tackling extreme poverty, provision of effective healthcare is the bedrock upon which people are able to live life in security and dignity.

For some years the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH has been working to expand health insurance systems in developing countries such as India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Rwanda and Kenya. As a result of these efforts, millions of people who were previously unable to afford treatment now have access to doctors and hospitals.

The latest issue of the customer magazine akzente focuses on the issue of health and highlights some of the improvements that have been achieved in this field in recent years. In the cover story, for example, science journalist Jana Schlütter reports on how the messaging service Twitter is supporting the provision of pre-natal care in South Africa and how rapid data exchange via mobile phone can help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

All reports and texts appearing in the issue are also available in digital format and can be read either on the website or in the corresponding app for tablets. Short videos relating to the topic are also available.