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African Union’s Peace and Security Building opens in Ethiopia

After four years of construction, Chancellor Angela Merkel has today officially handed over the building in Addis Ababa to the African Union.


Creating prospects in Mali through sustainable agriculture

Better harvest yields are enabling Mali’s farmers to improve their income and thus help stabilise the country’s economy.

African Union Summit: New prospects through cooperation

04.02.2016 – A peaceful and sustainable Africa – that is the vision of the African Union. GIZ is supporting the AU on this path.

GIZ employees have left South Sudan

13.07.2016 – To GIZ’s relief, all German employees working in South Sudan have left the country due to unrest over the past few days.

Better job prospects in North Africa

17.06.2016 – Unemployment in Morocco and Tunisia is high. Many young North Africans want to start a new life in Europe – and risk their lives in the Mediterranean to do so. GIZ is working to improve the local job prospects for young people.

Teachers helping to build Afghanistan’s future

04.02.2016 – Modern teaching methods communicate not only knowledge but also the ability to solve problems and engage in critical thinking. GIZ and the Afghan Ministry of Education have together embarked on a fundamental overhaul of the country's education system.

Clean drinking water for people in Kenya thanks to digitisation

08.12.2016 – MajiData – a public database for improving water supply and sanitation

Afghanistan – Improving prospects through economic development and education

04.10.2016 – People in Afghanistan need work in order to provide for their families and send their children to school. GIZ is playing an active part in achieving this goal.

Cash for Work and training schemes are creating prospects in northern Iraq

21.12.2016 – GIZ is supporting people who have fled Syria and are internally displaced in Iraq in rebuilding an independent life.

Refugee camps in northern Iraq

22.06.2016 – Hundreds of thousands of refugees in northern Iraq are seeking sanctuary from war and terror. The priority is not just their short-term safety but also their long-term prospects.

An app to prevent violence against women

08.03.2016 – Thanks to a partnership between GIZ and Ecuador’s largest telecom provider, millions of at-risk women can now call for immediate assistance.

Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank in Frankfurt

03.05.2016 – The Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank is taking place in Frankfurt until 5 May 2016. The theme, Cooperating for Sustainability, puts the spotlight on the ever closer economic ties between Asia and Europe.

Refugees in Jordan: earning an income through Cash for Work

04.10.2016 – In Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, GIZ is helping residents earn some income while also managing waste. It is implementing the project together with Oxfam.

Former Chair of GIZ’s Supervisory Board has died

22.01.2016 – Hans-Jürgen Beerfeltz has passed away. The former State Secretary at the BMZ served as Chair of GIZ’s Supervisory Board from 2010 until 2013.

Soya and cassava for Malawi

11.07.2016 – The Government of Malawi is keen for farmers to grow food instead of tobacco, as this is the best long-term defence against hunger. GIZ is supporting the switch.

Sunflowers instead of tobacco – support for Malawi’s farmers

16.02.2016 – The Government of Malawi is keen to reduce the country’s economic dependence on tobacco and improve food security – with GIZ’s support.

African Cashew Initiative awarded OECD-DAC prize

30.03.2016 – By improving the income of farmers in five countries in Africa this innovative approach is having a broad impact and has earned the recognition of the DAC jury.

Earthquake at the top of the world – one year on

25.04.2016 – Temporary accommodation, health centres, and bricklaying courses: on behalf of the German Government, GIZ provided extensive support following the earthquake in Nepal and is now promoting reconstruction.

Helping people in Kosovo find jobs

23.02.2016 – To find a job, you first have to know where to look. Since the summer of 2015, the German Information Point for Migration, Vocational Training and Career (DIMAK) has been helping people in their search.

Training female plumbers in Jordan creates prospects for the future

08.07.2016 – Jordan suffers from severe water scarcity. GIZ is helping to improve the situation by training female plumbers – thus offering them prospects for the future.

Innovative satellite technology is making rice-growing in Asia more efficient

16.09.2016 – GIZ is supporting rice farmers and countries in Southeast Asia in using satellite data to better monitor and manage their rice production.

Green energy generation – Brazil banks on solar and biogas

23.08.2016 – Brazil wants to use alternative sources, such as the sun, to generate more energy. GIZ is supporting the country in promoting solar technology.

BMZ and GIZ improve score in Aid Transparency Index

27.04.2016 – For the first time, BMZ and GIZ have been ranked ‘good’ in the 2016 Aid Transparency Index, with further improvements in the pipeline.

The new issue of GIZ's magazine akzente focuses on 'Diversity'

18.04.2016 – The magazine's own website will go live at the same time the new issue is published. The website shows the wide spectrum of GIZ’s work.

Foundation stone for the new training centre in Bonn is laid.

19.05.2016 – GIZ’s Academy for International Cooperation will be working out of Bonn-Röttgen as of late 2017.

GIZ accredited by Green Climate Fund

17.10.2016 – Improving local climate change mitigation, adapting to the impacts of climate change: GIZ can now apply for project financing from the fund.

Sunny outlook for India

26.10.2016 – How the Metro rail system in Delhi and a cricket ground in Bangalore are gearing up for green energy – a report from the ‘akzente’ magazine.

A future in their own country: GIZ promotes training for Tunisian youth

26.07.2016 – Tunisia’s interior holds few prospects to attract young people. New training centres provide a reason to stay.

Sound advice: Germany’s energy transition is a model worldwide for climate change mitigation

01.11.2016 – GIZ is helping countries such as Brazil drive forward their own energy transition by improving energy efficiency and climate change mitigation. Germany provides a role model.

Climate-friendly transport in Chinese cities

20.10.2016 – Traffic in China’s cities is steadily increasing. GIZ is advising the country on how to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and make the transport sector more climate friendly.

Christmas dishes around the world

22.12.2016 – Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Ghana and Ukraine ... GIZ employees living and working around the world report on traditional Christmas dishes.

Habitat III: a new agenda for the cities of tomorrow

13.10.2016 – The third global conference in Ecuador is just around the corner. GIZ will be presenting successful solutions for achieving sustainable urban development.

Nigeria: using an app to curb corruption

29.06.2016 – Illegal checkpoints make life difficult for Nigerian traders. An app is making incidents visible to the public and helping prevent corruption.

Sport moves the world

11.08.2016 – Sport for Development: sport not only provides physical exercise, it also helps drive sustainable changes – around the world.

Wide-ranging support for internally displaced persons in Afghanistan

01.08.2016 – About one million Afghans have been displaced within their own country. GIZ is helping provide them with an education, and thereby prospects for the future.

Greening transport infrastructure in Indonesia

14.11.2016 – This Southeast Asian Republic is expanding public transport systems in cities like Bogor and installing new pavements in a bid to reduce the volume of traffic.

Schools and community centres for Syrian refugees in Turkey

29.01.2016 – Some 2.5 million Syrians have fled to Turkey, primarily to the southern provinces, since the Syrian conflict began. Over two million of them live in towns and villages rather than camps.

Health and learning go hand-in-hand: better prospects for children’s education and future

29.08.2016 – GIZ's Fit for School programme supports ministries of education across South-East Asia in improving hygiene in schools and facilitating a healthy environment for learning.

Opting for their home country

09.12.2016 – Many migrants who come to Germany intend to return to their home countries in the long term – for this to succeed, they need prospects.

Petroleum and natural gas: generating jobs in East Africa

28.01.2016 – The extractive sector is booming in East Africa, leading to a corresponding rise in demand for labour. GIZ is working to ensure that the jobs needed are created locally. The project is partly funded by the UK firm BG Group.

‘Work – more than just a job’: The new issue of akzente is available now

14 September 2016 – Digitalisation, poverty, social security – The new issue of GIZ’s customer magazine akzente focuses on the topic of ‘work’.

Sustainable rehabilitation: Lviv’s historic Old City gets a facelift

24.08.2016 – For a long time, Lviv’s Old City was left to ruin. GIZ is training craftspeople to comprehensively rehabilitate the historic buildings.

Resilient societies thanks to development assistance

02.12.2016 – 5 December is International Volunteer Day. Volunteers are helping to realise the global Sustainable Development Goals – for example in biodiversity projects.

Green Mosques and more: Morocco is leading the way in environmental protection and climate change mitigation

04.11.2016 – From 7 to 18 November, the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP22) will take place in Marrakesh. The host country has set itself some ambitious climate targets.

Afghanistan: our work is making a big difference to everyone we reach

15.08.2016 – Country Director Robert Kressirer talks about the challenges of working in Afghanistan. GIZ is still operating throughout the country with the aim of improving the living conditions of the local population.

Health – getting better

18.11.2016 – The latest issue of the GIZ customer magazine akzente focuses on the priority topic of health.

Refugee situation: ‘So that they don’t grow up as a lost generation’

21.03.2016 – Millions of people have fled to Turkey and Iraq since the outbreak of the Syrian civil war. Carl Taestensen is working for GIZ in the region and reports on the provision of support for refugees and host communities.

Tell us more: Günter Meinert on the role of cities for Agenda 2030

30.09.2016 – According to the GIZ expert, cities – administration as well as citizens – are key actors with regard to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

GIZ’s activities to protect the environment and mitigate climate change are showing results

08.09.2016 – Climate change is one of the most important challenges of our time. Over the past ten years, GIZ projects to protect the environment and mitigate climate change have achieved great success. Millions of people are benefiting from the results.

GIZ veröffentlicht „Fortschrittsbericht Nachhaltigkeit“

17.03.2016 – 25 Nachhaltigkeitsziele hatte sich die GIZ gesetzt. Die Bilanz im Fortschrittsbericht fällt positiv aus.

The who’s who of security policy gather in Munich

12.02.2016 – The refugee crisis in the Middle East and health security are just two of the many topics of this year’s Munich Security Conference. GIZ will be there to present the actors and challenges involved in the African Peace and Security Architecture.

Better Migration Management: Protecting people is the top priority

11.11.2016 –Protecting migrants from human traffickers and people smugglers.

Costa Rica: Using mangroves to mitigate the impact of climate change

07.11.2016 – Today, the United Nations Climate Change Conference starts in Morocco. A report from the magazine akzente describes how Costa Rica is confronting the changes.

Brazil: How GIZ protects endangered tropical forests

16.08.2016 – Brazil’s tropical forests serve as habitats for countless flora and fauna species and as a vital global carbon sink. On behalf of BMZ and BMUB, GIZ is promoting the conservation of these valuable areas.

Costa Rican coffee going climate-friendly

09.09.2016 – Costa Rica wants to become more climate-friendly, including in its coffee farming. GIZ is supporting this through training, advisory services and financing measures.

Adaptation: how cities are tackling climate change

11.11.2016 – Whether facing strong rains or heat waves, cities can use various strategies to protect themselves against climate change impacts.

International Green Week: Morocco’s Liquid Gold

15.01.2016 – The Berbers call it the ‘Tree of Life’. But it is only in recent years that Morocco has discovered the true value of the argan tree and its oil for people, the environment and the economy.

Simona Costanzo-Sow: Education and knowledge have a key role to play in the 2030 Agenda

21.11.2016 – An interview with the Sustainable Development Course Coordinator at the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC).

Biodiversity: Essential factor for human well-being

01.12.2016 – The 13th UN Biodiversity Conference is taking place from 4 to 17 December in Cancún, Mexico.

lab of tomorrow – straight to the heart of the matter, much closer to the people involved

06.04.2016 – European entrepreneurs, experts from our partner countries and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH staff are devising digital business models to help drive forward development. In an interview, SAP manager Michael Pittelkow reports on the first lab of tomorrow.

Health care for Malawi, not donations for the US election campaign

19.11.2016 – Improved health services for 500,000 people in cooperation with the Clinton Development Initiative in Malawi.

Mutual benefits for young managers from Africa and German companies

02.03.2016 – Over the past year, 17 future managers have completed the ‘Afrika kommt!’ (‘Africa is coming!’) programme initiated by German private sector companies. They met Germany’s Federal President Gauck and Foreign Affairs Minister Steinmeier.

‘People want to stay in their own region’ – prospects for refugees from Syria and Iraq

18.04.2016 – The ‘Changing World’ debate: how we can support refugees in neighbouring countries.

Volunteers for sustainable development

11.10.2016 – From 9 to 12 October, development workers and other volunteers are meeting at the IVCO Conference 2016 (International Volunteering Cooperation Organizations) – an event organised by the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme and GIZ.

Proven standards: improved working and living conditions worldwide

29.07.2016 – GIZ works to achieve better economic and social standards. This benefits people, individual companies and the economy as a whole.

German Habitat Forum for sustainable urban development: exploiting the opportunities of urbanisation

31.05.2016 – In many of its projects, GIZ is working to make urban life more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The German Government has invited experts to Berlin to discuss the future of cities.

Future prospects for young Kosovars

21.07.2016 – One in two Kosovars wishes to migrate to Western Europe. GIZ provides advice to young people in the country looking for a future.

GIZ: current focus on the challenges presented by the refugee crisis

05.07.2016 – GIZ presents its company report in Berlin today. One of the focal points of its work is supporting refugees.

A future for Syria’s children

19.10.2016 – United Nations Day is on 24 October. Olaf Kjørven explains how UNICEF is helping protect child refugees and what role partners such as GIZ can play.

A sustainable mobility roadmap for Namibia’s capital

18.10.2016 – The City of Windhoek is upgrading its local public transport infrastructure in order to reduce pollution and address some of its social and economic problems.

Improving living conditions around the world – examples from the work of GIZ

23.06.2016 – Commissioned by the German Government, GIZ has been working to promote sustainable development through its projects over the last decade, and to good effect.

Ukraine: Energy efficiency in municipalities

16.12.2016 – Building retrofits combined with training for energy-efficiency experts cut annual energy consumption by up to ten per cent.

App provides access for coffee farmers in Uganda to financial services

03.11.2016 – Coffee production in Uganda is now more transparent and efficient thanks to a smartphone app. The biggest beneficiaries are the coffee farmers.

Using smartphones to combat climate change

28.11.2016 – The Pacific Islands are particularly hard hit by climate change. Smartphone apps are helping people there protect themselves from natural disasters.

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