International staff have left Afghanistan temporarily

In light of the tense security situation, GIZ has instructed its international staff to leave Afghanistan on a temporary basis.

This decision was taken after new information was received following the serious attack in Kabul at the end of May. The safety of national personnel and international staff is GIZ’s top priority and must be guaranteed to enable the company to work effectively under difficult circumstances. Several employees had already left the country in the days before the official decision was made. The departure of the international staff is a temporary measure and the aim is for them to return as soon as possible. Project work continues.

In the next few months, GIZ is planning to move to a new location within Kabul. This move is the result of a routine check of security arrangements and will provide a chance to achieve synergy effects by bringing the administration and the project work closer together. The new accommodation will also improve the living and working conditions of staff. The aim of the relocation is to improve GIZ’s setup in Afghanistan, which will enable the company to continue working effectively with and for the people in Afghanistan in the long term.