When the guns finally fall silent: Colombia’s long road to peace and reconciliation

It was a war that lasted 53 years, claiming the lives of 250,000 people and forcing seven million to flee their homes. On 26 September 2016, Colombia closed the door on this part of its history when the Farc guerrillas and the Colombian Government, under President Juan Manuel Santos, ended the conflict and signed a peace agreement. A year later, the United Nations destroyed the guerrillas’ arsenal of weapons.

However, Colombia still has a long way to go before it can achieve stable peace. Establishing an effective political system in all parts of the country is a major challenge, and it will take many years for the country to overcome its past. Furthermore, the reintegration of former Farc rebels, a measure that is highly controversial in Colombia, is making very slow progress. Some frustrated dissidents have already returned to organised crime, joining drug gangs and the left-wing guerrilla movement ELN.

What is the situation in Colombia a year and two months after the peace agreement was signed?

How can the country, in which nearly three generations have experienced violence, death and destruction, ensure that there is lasting and sustainable peace?

How important is it to come to terms with atrocities and war crimes?

What role do women in Colombia play in this? Are there untapped opportunities for them to contribute to the peace and reconciliation process?

These questions will be discussed by:

  • Constanza Paetau, Chair of the Internationales Frauenzentrum Bonn, ifz (International women’s centre Bonn)
  • Anja Heuft, GIZ, Project Manager for ProPAZ – Support for Peacebuilding in Colombia
  • Chair: Lutz Warkalla, Editor at General-Anzeiger (a daily newspaper based in Bonn)

Venue/ time

Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 36
53113 Bonn

29 November 2017, 18:00 –20:00

The event can be viewed live online on the ‘Periscope’ platform. You can find the link on GIZ’s Twitter channel on the day of the event, shortly before it starts: https://twitter.com/giz_gmbh.

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