Preview ‘Eastern Ukraine: prospects following displacement’

Stories of the lives of displaced persons in the places that are now their home</div>

The war in the Donbass region has led to the displacement of 1.5 million people. Above all, the communities and regions in the areas near to the crisis zone are facing not just major economic and social problems, but also the ongoing challenge of providing displaced persons with a place of refuge and the prospect of a viable future. Even international observers are impressed by the efforts being made to tackle this additional burden.

Maxim Dondyuk, the internationally renowned Ukrainian photographer, spent four weeks in the regions that have taken in most of the displaced persons. He captured his impressions on camera, with his aesthetically challenging photographs telling the stories of what life in their new surroundings is like for those affected. With his exhibition, he not only acknowledges the fate of the people who have had to leave their home and are waiting before being able to return, but also highlights those who are supporting the refugees and restoring a little normality to their life in an unfamiliar environment.

The preview to the exhibition will be opened by Rebecca Harms (German MEP), Maxim Dondyuk and Uwe Stumpf (GIZ). 


Reichpietschufer 20
10785 Berlin

 Monday, 19 March 2018. 6pm until 9pm.


To register for the event, please write to:  Ukraine-Ausstellung@giz.de

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