Pills for the poor – medical care in developing countries

New instalment of the Development Forum by GIZ, Frankfurter Rundschau and hr-INFO

Since the 1970s, life expectancy in developing countries has risen and child mortality has decreased. The health system has seen many improvements and vaccination campaigns with worldwide success. Despite this, millions of people of people in developing countries die each year from illnesses that could be easily avoided. In addition, investment in research into tropical diseases remains far too low.

In many poorer countries, the majority have no health insurance and there is a lack of public health services. Medications and doctor's visits are often unaffordable. As a general rule, brand-name medicines imported into developing countries are expensive and generic medicines are not available everywhere. The counterfeit pills that people resort to buying may cause great harm to the health of users. While the issue of mandatory vaccination is being hotly debated in Germany, radical groups are putting a stop to nationwide vaccination campaigns in developing countries.

Health is a human right. Yet access to medical care across the world is far from equal. How can the spread of illnesses be stopped? What contribution can pharmaceutical companies make? Would access to health insurance solve the problem? Could digital solutions be the answer to poor medical care?

Our guest panel will discuss this at the next Development Forum:

Thomas Gebauer, Executive Director of medico international e.V.
Götz Otto, actor, ambassador of Amref Health Africa
Dr Graeme Bilbe,  Research & Development Director of Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative
Dr Jutta Reinhard-Rupp, Head of Merck Global Health Institute
Dr Franz von Roenne, GIZ health expert

Moderator: Tobias Schwab, FR editor

Admission is free.


Saalbau Suedbahnhof
Hedderichstrasse 51, 60594
Frankfurt am Main

Tuesday, 14 August 2018, 18:30 (doors open at 18:00)

Livestreaming available on Twitter from 6.30 p.m.: https://twitter.com/giz_gmbh

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