Market of possibilities

GIZ projects and programmes will be showcasing the diverse ways that digital technology can be used in development cooperation.

Digital change is transforming all areas of society, including development cooperation work. The use of information and communications technology, in particular, is opening up new opportunities for achieving the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Digital technologies and their applications are breaking down existing structures and changing the web of relationships between the state, society and the economy.

A key task of development cooperation is to work with partners to create a suitable framework for digital processes. In recent years, GIZ has initiated and implemented a host of new digital projects on behalf of various federal ministries.

At the ‘market of possibilities’ event, selected GIZ projects and programmes will be presenting examples of digital solutions and highlighting the various ways that digital technology can be used in development cooperation. Those attending can expect to gain an insight into digital innovations such as big data, remote sensing, consumer protection on smartphones, and the GIZ Innovation Fund. With its motto ‘African solutions – for us too!’, the event will reveal how a biosphere reserve in Benin/Togo is being monitored with the help of satellites in space, how drones are supplying medication to the population in difficult-to-reach regions of Tanzania, and how girls in Ghana are acquiring e-skills. GIZ experts will be inviting participants to join in the discussion.

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Venue and date

GIZ Representation in Berlin
Reichpietschufer 20
10785 Berlin

Thursday, 27.09.2018 from 10 am to 3 pm