So who's about to throw in the towel?

2019 Lecture Series: Realising the SDGs – Sustainability in the textile and clothing sector #4 So who's about to throw in the towel?

The fourth lecture in the 2019 Lecture Series is about the fourth stage in the textile value chain – recycling/upcycling and the circular economy. What potential do circular economic models hold for reaching the SDGs, and what are their limitations? Most of today's global textile and garment industry follows linear economic principles. The trend is heading towards more and more, ever cheaper items of clothing with an ever shorter lifespan. One potential solution for a sustainable clothing industry is the circular economy. We want to take a closer look at this approach and work out how a circular economic model could work in the textile sector. What challenges do profit-oriented companies face when working with a circular business model? What are the experiences of young start-ups in the fashion industry? To what extent do circular models embrace social justice in the manufacturing countries of the Global South? 

  • Fabian Takacs, Institute of Management & Strategy, University of St. Gallen 
  • Arianna Nicoletti, Green Fashion Tours 

This is the fourth event in the 2019 Lecture Series, which consists of a total of five events. The final panel discussion will take place on 2 December.

Venue and time:

GIZ Representation Berlin
Reichpietschufer 20
10785 Berlin

25 November 2019 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., followed by light refreshments


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