Changing World – Travel in the age of #FridaysForFuture

Changing World – an event series organised by GIZ and the publishing house Der Tagesspiegel GmbH

In the age of #FridaysForFuture and mass tourism, is it still acceptable to enjoy ‘the best time of the year’? Can we justify long-distance travel, or should we try and walk everywhere for the sake of sustainable holidays? What form should tourism of the future take in order to prevent further destruction to our planet?

Travelling has never been simpler or cheaper than today: travel destinations such as Kenya, the Caribbean or the metropolises of Asia are just a few hours’ flight away. In 2018 alone, more than 1.4 billion international overnight stays were recorded worldwide, and the trend is rising. Booming tourism brings in foreign currency and creates jobs. At the same time, it poses cultural, social and environmental challenges in the destination countries.

Sustainable and development-friendly tourism – a contradiction in terms? What form should tourism take to ensure that it offers people in the countries visited economic and social prospects while at the same time respecting the environment? How can we make the most of the potential tourism has to offer while at the same minimising the risks? Who is responsible, and for what?

You can discuss these and other questions with:

  • Jörg-Michael Rösner, Head of Political Communication at the Federal Association of the German Tourism Industry (BTW),
  • Petra Thomas, Managing Director, Forum Anders Reisen,
  • Katharina Maier, eco-travel blogger
  • Andreas Hofmann, travel advisor with GIZ

Admission is free.

Venue and date

Verlagshaus Der Tagesspiegel
Askanischer Platz 3
10963 Berlin

10 December 2019 from 6 pm to 8 pm


Register on www.weltimwandel.berlin or by phone: +49 30 246328617

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