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The Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) is one of two ministries which represent GIZ’s sole shareholder, the Federal Republic of Germany, on GIZ’s Supervisory Board.

Since 1995, the Ministry has commissioned GIZ to implement international advisory projects focusing on topics such as privatisation of state-owned companies, administration of government property and holdings management.

The regional focus is mainly on Central and Eastern Europe and the New Independent States (NIS) of the former Soviet Union. GIZ was commissioned by the Ministry to implement a project on insurance systems in China.

GIZ also assists the Ministry with the submission of twinning project proposals and supports the implementation of these projects, which mainly focus on topics such as tax reform, combating value added tax (VAT) fraud, auditing of public finances, assertion of the European Union’s financial policy interests, and financial services regulation. The Ministry and GIZ also regularly exchange knowledge and information, especially on the topics of public finances and financial systems development.

GIZ’s services and thematic priorities

GIZ can provide the Federal Ministry of Finance with a wide range of services to support the attainment of its policy goals:


Reform of public finances

State revenue, public budgets, public administration, domestic financial structures

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