Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF)

The Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) is one of GIZ’s clients for international cooperation projects. BMF is also a GIZ shareholder and has a seat on the GIZ Supervisory Board.

Since 1995, BMF has commissioned GIZ to carry out international advisory projects in the fields of privatisation, property administration, and the management of state holdings in Central and Eastern Europe and the successor states of the Soviet Union. GIZ also advises governments in Asia and Latin America on behalf of BMF on questions of privatisation.

In addition, GIZ organises the annual Sino-German ‘Expert discussions of issues concerning financial policy’ for BMF. In China, GIZ has supported the reform of the insurance sector on behalf of BMF.

GIZ also supports BMF in launching and implementing European Union (EU) twinning projects, which aim to create ties between countries outside the EU and the EU’s administrative practice. The topics covered include modernisation of tax administration systems, public sector auditing, analyses of overall economic development, the promotion of functional capital markets and the supervision of the financial services sector.

BMF and GIZ regularly exchange information on the topics of public finance, strengthening of financial systems, and state investment in infrastructure.

GIZ services and thematic priorities

GIZ can provide BMF with a wide range of international cooperation services to support the attainment of its policy goals:

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