Federal Ministry of Defence (BMVg)

GIZ works with the Federal Ministry of Defence (BMVg) in the field of international cooperation. BMVg has in the past commissioned GIZ primarily to take on the planning and implementation of construction projects within the scope of international peacekeeping missions, for example in Kosovo, Uzbekistan and, most recently, in Afghanistan.

In June 2011, the Ministry and GIZ signed a cooperation agreement regulating and institutionalising the collaboration between the Bundeswehr (German armed forces) and GIZ in the context of peacebuilding and stabilisation measures in partner countries.

Since 2016, the commissions given to GIZ by BMVg have been funded from the newly created budget item ‘Strengthening partner countries in the area of security, defence and stabilisation’ that is administered jointly by BMVg and the German Federal Foreign Office (AA).

GIZ also supports the Ministry with the provision of training and participates in conferences and expert dialogues.