Our services

Thanks to its many years of experience in the field of international cooperation, GIZ has extensive specialist know-how, considerable expertise in project implementation, detailed local knowledge and excellent contacts. Our services for foundations and private sponsors include:

  • Advisory services on the options available for getting involved in projects in developing countries and emerging economies
  • Project management
  • Access to dialogue platforms and networks; opportunities for exchange with national and international partners.

Advisory services

GIZ advises foundations on options for and the specifics of getting involved in projects in developing countries and emerging economies. Our advantage is that we work closely with national governments and local non-governmental organisations worldwide and are therefore able to offer expert advice on country-specific issues. This provides a sound basis for successful, sustainable and effective project implementation.

Project management

With our specialist knowledge, we support effective and sustainable project development. We then implement the tailor-made concepts at the local level in the developing country or emerging economy. Throughout project implementation, we monitor progress using specific performance indicators and summarise the results in evaluation reports. This enables foundations to test their ideas, develop examples of best practice and roll out successful models to other areas or regions.

Partners, interest groups and networks

GIZ helps foundations and private sponsors to find suitable partners, thereby enabling them to establish a network of contacts and implement ideas together. In doing so, we are able to draw on our vast experience of facilitating complex processes. We strive to bring together the diverse interests of participating representatives from the fields of politics, business and civil society, discuss the different views and objectives, and develop joint solutions. One example of this is the Global Leadership Academy dialogue programme.

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