Improving the vocational training system

Technical trainers with local qualifications are in short supply in Saudi Arabia. GIZ is helping to solve the problem.

Technical Trainers College

Saudi Arabia is keen to improve its system of technical and vocational education and training (TVET). Too many vocational college graduates cannot find work in the local labour market, and people interested in a career in vocational training generally obtain their qualifications abroad. Recognising that it was essential to dismantle these obstacles to the country’s economic development, Saudi Arabia’s Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) set out to find a permanent solution and offer would-be trainers the chance to obtain local qualifications. It therefore commissioned GIZ to establish a teacher training institution in line with international standards.

The Technical Trainers College (TTC) in the capital Riyadh is the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia. It offers Saudi students a three-year programme of study leading to a Bachelor of Engineering Technology (BET). About 60 per cent of the programme is theoretical, while 40 per cent has a practical focus.

The students acquire skills in a technical occupation and also qualify as trainers. GIZ cooperates with selected German and international partners with expertise in TVET, in order to ensure that high standards are maintained across all subject areas. The TTC gained accreditation in accordance with European standards in May 2012.

GIZ is implementing the project in conjunction with the TVTC, which provides the campus and buildings for the College. The TVTC’s staff are trained by GIZ. GIZ is responsible for the general management and administration of the College. Its portfolio of services ranges from architectural planning and technical equipping of the buildings to the development of curricula and teaching methods, as well as budgeting.

The College opened its doors to its first intake of almost 200 students in September 2009. It now has well in excess of 1,000 students.

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Werner J. Stüber

„The combination of theoretical and practical skills is what makes our institution unique in Saudi Arabia, if not the entire Middle East."
Yousef al-Harbi, Vice-Dean of the Technical Trainers College


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