Preparation for EU candidates

Countries wishing to join the EU must become familiar with its legislation. On behalf of the European Commission, GIZ organises numerous events to support this process, including handling all the logistics.


GIZ International Services has been involved in the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange (TAIEX) programme on behalf of the European Commission since 2002. TAIEX was established by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enlargement in 1996. The purpose of the programme is to help EU accession candidates align their national law with EU legislation (‘acquis communautaire’).

In addition to the EU candidate countries, beneficiaries of the TAIEX programme include the other Western Balkan countries, the Turkish Cypriot community in the northern part of Cyprus, European Neighbourhood Policy partner countries, and Russia. The granting of official candidate status to Croatia and Montenegro was due in no small part to the assistance they received from TAIEX.

For almost 10 years, GIZ International Services has been responsible for handling all the logistics and the financial management of TAIEX’s extensive events programme.

In 2010 alone, the 38-member team in Brussels organised more than 2,000 workshops, seminars and study visits. Officials from ministries and public administrations of the countries participating in the TAIEX programme, members of parliament and representatives of trade unions and employers’ associations attend seminars to acquaint themselves with EU legislation and relevant standards, regulations and procedures. Depending on the country’s status in relation to the EU, these must then be incorporated into national law.

In 2011, the European Commission extended the contract with GIZ International Services for the TAIEX programme for a further 14 months, increasing the contract value by around 30 million euros and bringing the total contract value since its inception to 249 million euros.

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