German states and municipalities

Arbeit in Deutschland

Many developments currently taking place in Germany will become future trends in international cooperation. These are areas where GIZ can make an important contribution within Germany today. Such transformation processes include the implementation of the new energy policy and sustainability strategy, the future of the EU and Germany's role within it, the further education market and the green economy.

With its internationally tried and tested tools, GIZ is able to initiate dialogue and participation processes, create discussion networks and bring experts together. We have long enjoyed the trust and confidence of clients all over the world, operating as we do not only on behalf of the German Government, but also for international organisations and other countries.

Germany faces many challenges, nationally and internationally. GIZ’s expertise is extremely valuable in meeting those challenges – in international cooperation for sustainable development and in international education work. We are therefore expanding our range of services on the domestic market, in order to identify future trends in international cooperation. In doing this, we draw on expertise and methodologies that we have honed in our work around the globe. We are also developing existing services that help strengthen Germany as a place of learning, innovation and research.


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