Small Arms and Light Weapons Control and Improved Ammunition and Explosives Storage

Project description

Title: Integrated Project on Small Arms and Light Weapons Control and Improved Safe Storage of Ammunition and Explosives
Commissioned by: Federal Foreign Office
Country: Cambodia
Lead executing agency: National Commission for the Reform on Weapons, Explosives and Ammunition Management
Overall term: August 2007 to February 2009


Large amounts of munitions and explosives, residue of thirty years of armed conflict, are stored in Cambodia in part under alarming conditions. They are easily accessible and losses from official ammunition depots through theft, corruption or neglect are not infrequent. After several large explosions, a study showed that disastrous storage conditions can trigger further spontaneous explosions at any time anywhere munitions are stored. Additionally, great quantities of munitions are in such bad condition that they must be destroyed or demilitarised as soon as possible.


Ammunition and explosives are managed and handled only by qualified Cambodian army personnel. Out-of-date and unusable weapons, ammunition and explosives have been destroyed or demilitarised.


The project consists of three components:

  • Capacity building for the National Commission for the Reform of Weapons, Explosives and Ammunition Management (NC)
  • Improved storage of ammunition and explosives by the Cambodian army (Royal Cambodian Armed Forces – RCAF)
  • Organisation of a workshop in the ASEAN Regional Forum on the topic Administration and Safety of Arsenals with Small Arms and Light Weapons with Ammunition

Results achieved so far

The software for registration of ammunition and weapon systems was improved.

Development of a system for detecting and destroying explosives is under way.

Some 90 munitions specialists were trained. Eighteen persons were given basic knowledge of munitions demilitarisation. Training in logistics and manual registration was given to 40 persons and in computer-supported registration of ammunition, explosives and weapons systems to 20 persons.