Support for the Institutionalisation of the African Security Conference

Project description

Title: Support for the Institutionalisation of the African Security Conference
Commissioned by: German Federal Foreign Office (AA)
Country: Africa, supra-national (located in Ethiopia)
Lead executing agency: Institute for Peace and Security Studies (IPSS), Addis Ababa; African Union Commission (AUC), Peace and Security Department, (PSD)
Overall term: 2011 to 2013


The African Union has made considerable progress in establishing its African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA), which is anchored in the protocol of the African Peace and Security Council (PSC). Furthermore, the AU member states have also approved a Common Defence and Security Policy (CDSP). However, these guidelines and frameworks have not yet been interpreted and transferred into concrete sector policies (e.g. security sector reforms, governance, participation of civil society). There are also new security challenges which have not been systematically addressed (terrorism, maritime security, competition for land and natural resources, drug trade and organised crime). Policy development is lacking in these areas because experience, expertise and capacities are limited at both national and regional levels. Furthermore, there is no systematic exchange of views between politicians, academics and civil society representatives in Africa.


The African Security Conference has become institutionalised as an annual event which contributes to effective implementation of the African Peace and Security Architecture.


The project supports the Institute for Peace and Security Studies (IPSS) in preparing, implementing and evaluating the African Security Conference. It provides technical assistance for the development of conceptual and thematic issues, and to help manage logistical and organisational challenges.

Results achieved so far

Contacts have been established with the Munich Security Conference in Germany, and cooperation with that organisation has begun. Borrowing from the approach used by the Munich Conference, the IPSS will organise and steer the African Security Conference, jointly with a second, independent council. Participants and partners will be drawn the fields of politics and economics, as well as from the general public; together, they will ensure an adequate and informal setting. Logistical and thematic preparation of the Conference is now underway.

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