Using mineral resources sustainably

Project description

Title: Promotion of mineral governance
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Country: Afghanistan
Lead executing agency: Ministry of Mines and Petroleum
Overall term: 2013 to 2016


The Afghan Ministry of Mines is responsible for implementing two development programmes, both which contribute to the Afghan National Development Strategy. The National Extractive Industries Excellence Program foresees the use of transparent and efficient management in order to extract and utilise the most strategically important mineral deposits yet identified. To put this strategy into effect, the ministry has, with support from donors, drawn up a five-year business plan (2010-2015). To date, the ministry has improved its organisational structure, and the ministry staff now benefit from a progression of training measures to increase their know-how. The latter are run by donors and by the ministry’s HR Directorate.

However, to ensure effective state supervision in the sense of good governance there is still a need to establish a mines inspectorate that is independent of the Ministry of Mines, and encourage honest behaviour on the part all the actors involved.


The Ministry of Mines performs its supervisory role more effectively and is laying the ground for a planned new inspectorate of mines to take over these tasks.


By providing theoretical and practical training for the staff of the Ministry of Mines , the project is equipping them with the necessary technical skills to identify mineral resource deposits, and for the sustainable use of those resources. Management, organisational and human capacity development measures for those in positions of responsibility ensure that the ministry improves its governance practices and the supervision of mining.

The project support the staff in introducing transparent and effective administration structures, and in networking with other relevant authorities and institutions. This will enable provincial and local authorities and administrations gradually to assume a wider range of administrative functions.

Afghanistan has signed up to the international Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, which involves non-governmental organisations and private enterprises, as well as national governments. The objective of the initiative is the transparent administration of revenues derived from the mining of mineral resources. The project is also supporting the Afghan Government in this process.


For the sustainable use of mineral resources it is essential to put in place a properly functioning mines inspectorate employing well-trained experts capable of independently tracing and controlling the complex technical and commercial processes involved in the mineral-producing and processing industry. The transparent administration of revenues from the minerals sector will prevent corruption, thereby ensuring that monies gained from this source will be available for the continued development of the country.