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Under a commission from the German Government, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH has been assisting Ukraine since 1993 in its transition to a democratic state based on the rule of law. Currently 308 national and 60 international employees and 1 development worker are working in the office and in projects. Furthermore, ten integrated specialists and three returning specialists work in the municipal authorities and national administration, municipal corporations, universities, associations, chambers of commerce and civil society (as of 31.12.2018). Located in Kyiv, the country office opened in 2009.

Ukraine is a European country steeped in culture. It has fertile soils and substantial economic potential. The population is well educated and the country is increasingly evolving into an attractive market for innovative technologies thanks to its booming IT sector. More than 25 years after it gained independence, Ukraine continues to face immense challenges, but it is also harnessing pertinent opportunities. The ratification of the Association Agreement with the European Union in 2017 marked an important milestone on the road to the country’s Euro-centric future. However, the armed conflict in Ukraine’s eastern regions repeatedly gives rise to political and economic difficulties that have a destabilising effect on the country.

Ukrainian-German cooperation currently focuses on the following areas:

  • Good governance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Sustainable economic development

GIZ is implementing measures in Ukraine on behalf of five German ministries, the European Union (EU) and also the Swiss Government.

In the field of good governance for example, it has supported the creation of a transparent digital platform for public procurement (ProZorro) that promotes fair competition and helps control public spending.

Furthermore, GIZ is fostering sustainable construction work and the environmentally friendly renovation of public buildings, including state-of-the-art technologies that boost energy efficiency and thus help cut back on public spending.

Moreover, GIZ is assisting the Ukraine Government to contain the fallout from the crisis along its eastern border. On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), GIZ is providing support to communities that have taken in IDPs; for example, by renovating and/or retrofitting kindergartens, schools and hospitals.

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Green buildings – the sleeping giant in climate protection


Architect Christiana Hageneder manages energy efficiency projects and advises the national government.

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Taras Poliovyi is a carpenter. With great attention to detail, he restores historically unique old wooden windows and doors in his home town of Lviv.