E-kudos: Fellows of GIZ-Nokia Create to Inspire initiative inform Gujarat citizens about e-waste

E-kudos is a concept developed by the youth fellows under the GIZ-Nokia Create to Inspire Programme, Ahmedabad, to create awareness about the issues pertaining to e-waste. Under E-kudos, the fellows present a street play/skit using role play and songs to engage their audience. The target group for this intervention comprises mainly of electronic repair shop owners, shoppers at these shops, residents of various communities, etc. Through this activity, they explain to the audience what e-waste is and appropriate methods and channels to dispose their e-waste. They also describe the role of women from Self - employed Women’s Association in the proper channelisation of e-waste to an authorised formal recycler and how this is a source of income and livelihood for the women.

Doordarshan, the Indian government’s official TV channel, broadcast this work in a residential space under the programme in Gujarat. It can be viewed here:


“Create to Inspire” is a joint initiative by Nokia India Sales Private Limited, a subsidiary of Microsoft Mobile Oy and GIZ under the develoPPP.de programme. The develoPPP.de is a programme initiated by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) aimed at promoting cooperation between the development and the private sectors. Under the development partnership programme (DPP) with Nokia, GIZ’s Indo-German Environment Partnership Programme works towards a more intense engagement with youth on sustainable consumption, primarily focusing on e-waste, but also broadly covering other topics such as energy, water and transportation. The target groups are e-waste collectors from the informal sector and teachers, children & youth from schools and colleges in Ahmedabad and Kolkata.