Self Help Group members as Bank Agents – Empowering women to drive financial inclusion

A Bank Sakhi registering at the local bank branch in UP
A Sakhi at home in UP, with livestock, another means of livelihood
Uma Devi enrolling an elderly customer in UP for a bank account to receive pension
Rajkumari visits a customer at home : enabling convenience at the doorstep in UP
Rajkumari spreading awareness among UP villagers about advantages of solar home systems : greening the environment
Village campaign in UP on financial literacy
Members depositing cash in their accounts through their local Bank Sakhi, UP
Bank Sakhis from UP at the bank branch to submit registers and accounts
Building capacities of Bank Sakhis in UP
Bindiswari on her way to customers in nearby villages in UP : last mile connectivity
Empowerment in action
Sunita Rainwal at a village camp in MP to increase awareness and enrollment : widening financial inclusion
Customers in MP identify themselves through biometric fingerprint : state-of-the-art technology
Shobha Baloniya opening bank accounts for SHG members in MP
Kanta Jatva provides financial literacy training to customers in MP
Pinky providing financial literacy training to customers in MP
Bhavna Chouhan - multitasker par excellence: Bank Sakhi and teacher at the local school in MP
Mithilesh Bhadoriya from MP counting cash and recording transaction details
Bhavna Chouhan at the bank branch to deposit money and submit documents
Lina Mina, a Bank Sakhi, at her home in MP