How are INDCs and NAMAs linked? – A discussion paper by GIZ NAMA and UNEP DTU (2015)

The publication, a collaborative effort of the GIZ NAMA and Market Mechanisms Working Group in the Asian region and the UNEP DTU Partnership,  looks at the state of the current climate policy regime, introduces and compares various climate instruments and then analyses the relationship between INDCs and NAMAs with a case on energy efficiency programmes. Finally, key recommendations for policy-makers shall guide this year’s COP negotiation process around this matter. The objective of this discussion paper is to look at the debate on INDCs from a mitigation-perspective. It aims to discuss the framework set out above in a pre- and post-2020 context, highlighting the political, technical and institutional facts on NAMAs, INDCs and LEDS, analyse their linkages and finally conclude with a set of key messages.