Developing Capacities of Trainers in Public Administration:Himachal Institute of Public Administration

A workshop on “Effective Workplace Performance” was conducted by GIZ’s project “Strengthening Competencies for International Cooperation” (CICM) of Competence in Motion team at the Himachal Institute of Public Administration (HIPA) campus, Shimla. Attended by over 14 faculty members, this workshop was held from 6th to 9th August 2015.

Being the state Administrative Training Institute, HIPA has the mandate of training state government officials, including the Himachal Pradesh State Administrative Officers.  As such, it becomes a perfect partner for replicating capacity building offers created under the CICM, targeting mid-level professionals in the bureaucracy. Besides, HIPA has a long standing partnership with GIZ and has been one of the important stakeholders of the GTZ & GIZ programmes offered in Himachal Pradesh.

The request for conducting a training on “Excellence in Professional Performance”, based on the Module 3 of the Action Learning and Exposure Programme (ALEP) under the CICM project, came from HIPA in June 2015.  ALEP provides state-of-the-art expertise on how to drive one’s own professional development so that intended outcomes and impacts are reached more effectively.

The workshop was officially launched by the Director, HIPA, Ms. Madhubala Sharma, IAS.  At the end of the 4-day programme, in a display of close engagement, the Director of the institute, Ms. Sharma, reviewed the key learnings of each of the participants. Commenting on their opinion, she said that it was remarkable that many of the participants had similar views about the course and the positive effects it was likely to bring in their workplace performance. Ms. Sharma added that the course, which they had completed, should be taken to the next level and consolidated for the effects to flow through the institution. Expressing her heartfelt thanks to the team of trainers and facilitators from GIZ, she invited GIZ to present further modules of training offered in the CICM project at the institute.

(Caption : front row third from left: Ms. Madhu Bala Sharma, Director, HIPA & fourth from left, Mrs. Anita Sharma, Programme Manager, GIZ India, along with the participants and other facilitators at the workshop)